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Or why because we added a pic to this blog, it's 40 times more likely to be shared on social media!

You hear it all the time. Content marketing is one of the most important strategies for any marketer right now. Content marketers usual visual content are seeing huge returns in regard to customers and revenue. Visual content defines your image, your brand reputation, and your customers' lasting impressions. Visual content drives engagement. But why is this true?

Well, it's not that difficult to understand if you comprehend that 90% of the information that is transmitted to the human brain is visual. This is why the statistics are so convincing. Content that has relevant images gets 94% more views than content that doesn't, and tweets with images get 150% more retweets. Visitors also spend 100% more time on pages with video than without. And 85% of the US internet audience watches videos online.

But visual content must still be customized and tailored to the specific audience in order to get the desired response. Appropriate visual content can tell a story about brands in a way that is completely different to copy. Visual content can be brand-created, organic or user generated, and these stories can be key to creating a long-lasting relationship with consumers.

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