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Being creative is all about thinking in new and different ways. It's about storytelling and expressing emotions, usually through writing or artistic ways, but there are many other ways to bring creativity into your business, your relationships, your thinking and your life. Sometimes, you need a coach to show you how to access the creative skills you didn't know you had, or guide you towards a new, creative path, or help you unblock the creative barriers that are holding you back from achieving your life goals or creative vision. Sometimes, you need a new approach to problem-solving, idea generating and thinking, when it comes to your brand or business needs.


A Creative Coach can enhance your natural creativity skills, help you improve on your particular creative talents, and even channel them into a professional career. This also applies to any person working in a creative job and looking to improve their creative skills. A Creative Coach can help entrepreneurs transform a niggling idea into a creative business, offering support along the way.

Working with a Creative Coach offers you necessary space to explore your creative ideas, and provides support and guidance, through various techniques that can help you gain clarity, and build momentum, with your ideas and their implementation. A Creative Coach can help you forge a clear path to define and reach your goals, and push through  any creative blocks. A Creative Coach can work with you to help you find out what it is that is blocking you and how you can replenish that well of inspiration. And if the block is fear and self-doubt, together you can figure out where your fear is stemming from and how you can push past it.

One of the most productive things a Creative Coach does, is help you figure out what you feel your true purpose is creatively, why you want to do what you do and how best to execute your ideas. Sometimes, this means working out how to put yourself in the best position to be creative, or how to structure your working week.

Sessions take place online or in person, with the aim of helping you gain more clarity on your creative situation and find clear steps towards reaching your creative goals.



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Story has always been an intrinsic part of my life. I spent hours as a child immersed in stories that other people wrote, and when I was just 13 years old, I wrote my first novel. That's when story became my life. As an author, screenwriter and copywriter I have developed a true understanding of the importance of a good story, whether fiction or non-fiction.


I love helping people change their lives and find their purpose. I am privileged to be able to use my background in both psychology and writing to help an actor with his stage fright, the writer who can't move past her writer's block, the creative director who is trying to navigate the stressors in his agency and personal life, and the entrepreneur who is afraid to launch a new business. 

All my life, I’ve been learning how to create, how to meet the challenges that every creative person is confronted with on their path, and I look forward to helping you fulfil your true creative potential.


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